Fiberify is a next-gen 360° field insights platform for Broadband and Telecom service providers to optimize fiber optic networks, mitigate outage and service delivery risks, manage field expenses, and improve the customer experience.

With Internet service becoming the lifeline for the world to connect, Fiber optic coverage is expected to grow 100x with 5G and FTTH rollouts.

By enhancing the visibility and remediation of risks to fiber optic networks, Fiberify helps service providers automate the workflows through digitization of assets, resources, and the network.

Digitization of fiber and field assets provide keen insights and proactively safeguards the health of the fiber network.

Fiberify is the first integrated platform built from the field agents perspective – which enables service providers to reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

The Fiberify modules, Fiber Assurance and Fiber Rollout, are the first-in-class applications designed for mobile and used by technicians in the field.

Fiberify is a state of the art platform which is the FIRST of its kind, built for fiber field activities.


The FIBERIFY Fiber Assurance solution, enables service providers to assure its customers’ service level agreements and empower its fiber operations teams with high visibility in the field.

FIBERIFY is a deep data intelligence platform which orchestrates a variety of data sources received from field agents and creates a meaningful data for better decision-making.

The Fiber Assurance module helps patrollers and rescue teams (Fiber Splicing teams) to quickly report and resolve the field issues with real-time digital insights.


  • Digitization of assets
  • Creation of geofence
  • Assignment of Patrollers
  • Monitoring of Patrollers
    along with their Active, Idle and Inactive status
  • Monitoring nearby cases

Do you want to EMPOWER your field patrollers and splicers with meaningful data in the field?


  • Manual Discovery
    (Patroller Routine)
  • Automated Discovery
    (Dark fiber Monitoring) 
  • Pro-active Passive Network Monitoring
  • Active Network Monitoring
  • Monitoring Asset health

3) VISUALIZE ISSUES (Fiber Operations Center)

  • This dashboard resembles fiber operation center, which gives completed visibility on the field
  • Cases and Services status
  • Case life time
  • Patrollers / Rescue Team travelled distance
  • Geo fences and respective teams status


  • Mobile application provides the intelligence of the affected fiber to the Fiber Splicing team (Rescue team)
  • Rescue teams are provided with past issues on the same asset and probable fixes
  • Rescue teams shall be provided with precision geo location of the affected asset
  • Provide asset health to enable them to take the meaningful decision
  • Facilitate the patroller to raise the case using the voice message


  • Automated data with deep intelligence hall enable the patrollers to resolve the fiber issues faster
  • Intelligence to correlate the persona of the customer with the value provided shall enable the rescue team to prioritize and focus on high value customers
  • Mapping the rescue team and aligning him to the natural language spoken by the customer, enables deep connect with customers and thus better customer experience


FIBERIFY Fiber rollout solution is the key to digitize all the fiber assets on the field and enable the service providers to get the visibility on the field. This solution enables the service providers to plan the fiber rollout, split the rollout plans across the multiple vendors and monitor it up to completion and finally convert them to single line and detailed CAD drawings.


  • Plan Fiber Route from office
  • Upload the reference KML file for the fiber to be rolled out
  • Define the start date and end for the complete project
  • Finalize vendors required for the rollout


  • Assign the new fiber routes to selected vendors
  • Assign the resources working for the vendor
  • Split the tasks like HDD, trenching, fiber pulling, fiber lightning
  • Define the timeline for each sub tasks


  • Assigned resource of the vendor, shall monitor the tasks from the field
  • Resource shall Update the tasks
  • Resource shall monitor the inventory and request for additional inventory if required
  • Resource shall digitally mapping every asset along with the precision data


  • Real time deployment status
  • Single line CAD drawings
  • Detailed design CAD drawings
  • Deployed fiber map



For more information on use cases, white papers, and case studies connect with a Fiberify team expert.


With decades of combined experience in telecom maintenance, fiber maintenance, fiber rollout since 2005, our products are forged from hard experience in the field. Our market trail focus to date has been primarily for emerging markets;  India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and others.

Our team has deep experience in fiber maintenance, fiber rollout, and fiber maintenance with top telecommunication companies like AIRTEL, VODAFONE, IDEA, AIRCEL, TATA, RELIANCE and many small and medium broadband service providers. After years of research and development, our aim is to simplify fiber operations in cost effective ways that can help identify opportunities for service providers to optimize their assets’ performance and improve their customers’ experience.


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Fiberify Announcements

Robi Axiata Selects and Deploys Fiberify Smart Fiber Tool

Robi has entered into an agreement with Fiberify, Inc., and has been working with Fiberify to integrate the Smart Fiber Tool for designing and managing Robi optical fiber networks. Fiberify has developed these key features:

  • Geographical Map View
  • Dashboard
  • Network Element Management
  • Work Order Generation
  • Integration with Optical Fiber database

Fiberify offers a platform that provides a 360-degree visibility and collaboration solution for fiber optic infrastructure planning, installation, and maintenance. Designed for use in the field, the Fiberify platform enhances visibility, automates workflows, and digitizes assets and resources in fiber networks for Telecom, MNO, and fiber operators.

“Fiberify is the first field intelligent fiber optic platform built from the field perspective,” said Maheshwar Sriyapu, Co-Founder and CEO of Fiberify, Inc. “The Fiberify platform, built on emerging technologies including IOT, AI/ML, and deep data, has an unparalleled capability to maximize efficiency and profits, creating a single data record for fiber, which enables fiber teams across an organization to collaborate and get the contextual information in real time. This is an exciting new dimension for Tresbu Digital which furthers our goal to help organizations make the most of digital technology to accelerate, innovate, and increase profits with minimal additional investment.”

About Robi Axiata

Robi is the second largest mobile network operator in Bangladesh with 50.9Mn subscribers as of end of December 2020. The company commenced operation in 1997 as Telekom Malaysia International (Bangladesh) with the brand name ‘Aktel’. In 2010, it was rebranded as ‘Robi’ and the company changed its name to Robi Axiata Limited.


Robi Axiata Limited is a public limited company, where Axiata Group Berhad of Malaysia holds the controlling stake of 61.82%, Bharti Airtel of India holds 28.18%, and general public holds the remaining 10% stake. The company made its debut in the country’s twin stock markets in Dhaka and Chattogram on the 24th of December 2020 with the largest ever IPO.

With the promise of creating new experiences in life with innovative digital in the lives of its customers, Robi emerged with a fresh brand appeal in January 2020, suitable for the digital age. Its focus on innovation has led to the creation of agile work culture in the organization that thrives on collaboration. As a result, Robi now enjoys a commendable lead in the industry in deploying Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cloud solution and various other digital technologies to innovate every aspect of its business.

We are advancing Asia, one step a time.

About Fiberify Inc. 

Fiberify, Inc., the first Fiber planning, Fiber Deployment, and Fiber Maintenance platform designed to give fiber teams maximum visibility, mobility, and agility. The Fiberify platform provides deep, detailed visibility into fiber networks, along with extensive reporting and collaboration capabilities that empower network, Telecom, Fiber operators to locate, manage, and maintain their network assets, field workforce, and customers efficiently.

Based in Solana Beach, CA, Fiberify, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tresbu Digital, Inc., with management, marketing, and sales offices in US and Sri Lanka and India, offering Internet service providers the first planning, deployment, and maintenance platform designed to give fiber teams maximum mobility and agility.



Feel free to contact us, and someone will be more than happy to demo Fiberify or answer any questions you may have.



Feel free to contact us, and someone will be more than happy to demo Fiberify or answer any questions you may have.

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Feel free to contact us, and someone will be more than happy to demo Fiberify or answer any questions you may have.